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buy invisible zipper wholesale

CJ Accessory is a zipper manufacturer and supplier. We supply wholesale invisible zipper with over 200 kinds of color. If you are in need of buying invisible zipper, CJ Accessory can be a good option for you. Contact CJ Today for wholesale invisible zipper.

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Invisible zipper is composed of chain teeth, sliders, stopĀ (top and bottom stop) and etc. Among them, the chain teeth are the key part, which directly determines the side pull strength of the zipper. Generally, invisible zipper has two chain tapes, each chain tapeĀ has a row of chain teeth, and the two rows of chain teeth are arranged in a staggered manner. Invisible zippers are mainly used in down jackets, denim jackets, leather garments, high-end jackets, cold-proof clothing, etc. Compared with nylon zippers and resin zippers, they are stronger and more expensive. They are mostly used in jeans, jackets and backpacks.

CJ supplies customized invisible zipper as per your requirement for invisible zipper length, size, color and slider.

1. Invisible Zipper Lengths

Zipper length can be customized. We also supply invisible zipper by the yard. Below are some frequently inquired lengths of invisible zipper from our customers.

  • 7 inch invisible zipper
  • 14 inch invisible zip
  • 16 inch invisible zipper
  • 18 inch invisible zipper
  • 20 inch invisible zipper
  • 22 inch invisible zipper
  • 24 inch invisible zipper
  • 30 inch invisible zipper

2. Material of Invisible Zipper

Metal invisible zipper, nylon invisible zipper, plastic invisible zipper

3. Color of Invisible Zipper

We can make it as per your requirement. White invisible zipper, red invisible zipper and etc.

4. Invisible Zipper Slider and Puller

Zipper slider and puller can be customized.

Lock slider, auto lock slider, semi-auto lock slider, non lock slider available. We can supply as per your requirement.

5. Invisible Zipper Type

Separating invisible zipper, open ended invisible zip, heavy duty invisible zipper, two way invisible zipper and etc.

6. Invisible Zipper Application

Benefit from its design, invisible zipper is commonly used in product which requires higher concealment and comfort like dress, pillows. CJ accessory supplies invisible zippers for pillows, invisible zips for cushions, garments and etc.

If you are looking for a concealed zipper manufacturer, supplier or factory, contact CJ today for a quote and more details.