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We Manufacture And Supply Metal Button

We manufacture and supply all kinds of garment buttons. Metal button, plastic button, acrylic button, ABS button, pearl button, natural button, snap button, snap prong button, sewing button, shank button, hole button, jeans button. Besides, we are also a custom button manufacturer.

We Are Your One-Stop Button Manufacturer And Supplier

Why Choose Us to Be Your One-Stop Button Supplier?

  • All kinds and all types of buttons are provided.
  • Custom button manufacture is 100% accepted.
  • The mold is lower than the market price for the custom button production.
  • Competitive clothing button price and stable Productivity.
  • Free warehouse service.
  • Order status updated anytime or timely.
  • Quality guaranty. We have our own lab for salt spray, wash fastness, strength test and etc.
  • Multi-delivery choice. Sea delivery, air delivery, courier delivery, and door-to-door service.

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    Clothing Button Supplier & Manufacturer

    As a clothing button supplier & manufacturer, CJ Accessory supplies buttons for garment clothing, jeans, shirt, bag and etc. Our button products include metal buttons, plastic buttons, acrylic buttons, polyester buttons, coconut buttons, and natural buttons.

    Clothing Button Sorted by Materials

    Metal button supplier, manufacturer for clothing - CJ Accessory

    Metal Button

    plastic button manufacturer, supplier - CJ Accessory

    Plastic Button

    Acrylic button manufacurer, supplier - CJ Accessory .

    Acrylic Button

    ABS button manufacturer, supplier

    ABS Button

    pearl button manufacturer, supplier - CJ Accessory

    Pearl Button

    coconut button manufacturer, supplier - CJ Accessory

    Coconut Button

    magnet button manufacturer, supplier - CJ Accessory

    Magnet Button

    stainless steel button manufacturer, supplier - CJ Accessory

    Stainless Steel Button

    Clothing Button Sorted by Usage

    snap button manufacturer, supplier - CJ Accessory 1

    Snap Button

    snap button manufacturer, supplier - CJ Accessory 2

    Prong Button

    eyelet button manufacturer, supplier

    Eyelet Button

    jeans button supplier, manufacturer - CJ Accessory 1

    Jeans Button

    sewing button manufacturer, supplier -CJ ACCESSORY

    Sewing Shank Button

    sewing button manufacturers, supplier - CJ Accessory

    Sewing Hole Button