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metal zipper manufacturer

Metal Zipper

CJ Accessory is a metal zipper manufacturer. Our mission is to provide high-quality zippers at a competitive price and be your one-stop metal zipper manufacturer and supplier. We can provide you with our own design metal zipper and manufacture metal zipper as per your design.

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Your One-Stop Zipper Manufacturer

1. What metals are zips made from?

Metal zipper teeth are made of metal. The zipper teeth are usually made of metal materials such as copper alloy, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, etc., and the zipper teeth arranged on the ribs of the cloth belt are fixed by punching dental implants or die-casting processes.

Sorted metal zipper by materials, CJ Accessory is manufacturer and supplier of the brass zipper, copper zipper, nickel zipper, steel zipper, stainless steel zipper, aluminum zipper and etc.

2. Metal zipper type: finished zipper and long chain zipper

To meet different uses, we can make the metal zipper length as per your requirements. We supply metal zippers for jeans, metal zips for bags, metal zippers for handbags and etc.

CJ Accessorys Metal Zipper Length can be customized and below for example:

30 inch metal coat zipper, 4 inch metal zipper, 28 inch metal jacket zipper, 30 inch metal zipper, 18 inch metal zipper, 24 inch metal zipper, 12 inch metal zipper, 26 inch metal jacket zipper

3. Metal Zipper Slider And Custom Metal Zipper Pulls

Custom metal zipper pulls are supported. Make the zipper pull with your design and logo to show your brand and creativity. We can customize the metal zipper pulls for you. Send us your design or sample. We can make it for you.

4. Metal zipper size/width: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and etc.

Q: What does #5 zipper mean?

A: #5=chain width 5mm. This means when the zipper is closed/zipped, its teeth is measured as 5mm or within the size’s error range. In the same way, size 3 zipper =3mm, #5 zipper = 5mm, #8 zipper = 8mm

5. Metal Zipper Styles:

CJ Accessory is a manufacturer of full range styles zipper as below.

1) Close-end Zipper

  • One way close-end zipper
  • Two-way zipper with head-to-head sliders
  • Two-way zipper with bottom-to-button sliders

2) Open-end zipper

  • One way open-end zipper
  • Two way open-end zipper

3) Circular zipper

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6. A Variety of Colors to Choose From

CJ Accessory supplies more than 200 kinds of color for your choice. Besides, customized color can be negotiated.

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