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CJ Accessory is plastic zipper manufacturer and supplier. We supply molded plastic zipper for jacket, dress, bag and etc. Custom plastic zipper teeth, tape, puller, length are supported. Welcome to contact CJ today for a quotation.

Custom plastic zipper is supported
Zipper quality is ensured
Multi delivery choice. Sea, air, courier, door to door
Fast delivery
Low cost of custom mold
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Your One-Stop Plastic Zipper Manufacturer

As a zipper factory, CJ accessory manufactures plastic zippers in finish type and long-chain type. Zipper tape is also supplied. We can also be your OEM plastic zipper manufacturer.

Custom plastic zipper slider and puller are supported.

1. Why Choose CJ Accessory As Your Plastic Zipper Supplier?

  •  Efficient zipper production R&D team, one-stop solution to your zipper needs.
  •  The zipper head can be customized as required, you can add your logo, pattern, text
  • The length of the plastic zipper can be customized as required.
  • There are multiple options for the width of the plastic zipper for you to choose
  • Standard export packing, or according to your requirements.
  • Quality inspection. We have our own zipper quality testing equipment to ensure that the quality of the zipper meets your requirements and saves you the cost of the inspection.
  • We can provide door-to-door one-stop logistics service to free you from cumbersome zipper import matters.

In general, CJ can produce plastic zippers according to your provided samples. Color, style and material can be produced according to your requirements.

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2. Plastic Zipper Size/Width for Your Choice

#3 plastic zipper, #4 plastic zipper, #5 plastic zipper, #6 plastic zipper, #8 plastic zipper, #10 plastic zipper. Below information is based on QB/T 2172-2014. If you have a different requirement, please feel free to let us know.

Size/No. #3 4# #5 #6 #8 #10
Width(mm) 3.9-4.8 4.9-5.4 5.5-6.2 6.3-7.0 7.2-8.0 8.7-9.2
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3. Plastic Zipper Length Can Be Customized.

To sort zippers by length, there are 2 kinds of zippers – normal finished zipper & long chain zipper.

Both of these 2 types of zippers’ lengths can be customized as per your requirement. If you are looking for a long chain zipper manufacturer, supplier, why not contact CJ for a FREE quote Today?

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4. Plastic Zipper Style

Plastic zipper: open end, close end, two ways open, two way close(bottom to bottom, head to head) and etc.

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    Plastic Zipper Related Information

    1. What Is Plastic Zipper?

    Plastic zipper’s teeth are made of plastic and injected on zipper tape with mold. So plastic zipper is also called as molded plastic zipper. The teeth’ shape is molded according to the shape of the mold.

    2. Plastic Zipper Details

    plastic zipper manufacturer, supplier