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Tips for Purchasing Zipper

In people’s daily life, clothes are things that must be worn every day, and students’ schoolbags must be carried every day. Both clothing and schoolbags basically have a zipper design. The zipper not only helps the clothes fit the schoolbag tightly, but also It is easy to use, but the zipper is easy to break with a period of use. Therefore, buying a zipper has become one of the daily problems of people. Let’s take a look at how to buy a zipper.

First of all, when buying a zipper, we should pay attention to what the material of the zipper is made of. It is divided into the following two steps. For example, the zipper slider and puller are made of metal material, which has an alloy effect and is durable.

The zipper slider is made of metal nylon. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the slider is thickened, whether the handle is smooth and does not hurt your hands, and whether it is a lockless slider for daily use.

Next, when buying a zipper, we should pay attention to the manufacturing process of the zipper. For example, the common rack plating electric white makes the color brighter, and if it is the electrophoretic spray painting process, pay attention to whether the painting is even and smooth.

When buying a zipper later, you should choose according to the classification of the zipper. For example, the common zipper has three kinds of resin, metal, and nylon. For the metal zipper, it is often suitable for jeans and denim clothes.

At the same time, please pay attention to the method of zipper model distinction. For example, the number on the back of the zipper represents the number of zippers purchased. Common distinctions are No. 3 and No. 5, and No. 3 is the smallest size suitable for children’s clothing.

Then when buying a zipper, we must pay attention to the corresponding applicable clothing of the zipper, such as nylon chain head suitable for quilt covers, school bags, tents, etc., and for school bag zippers, pay attention to whether the thickening treatment is better.

At last, pay attention to the zipper. There are many styles of zipper colors. When purchasing, you should choose the appropriate color according to your design color preferences, so as to achieve a fashionable and beautiful effect.