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Webbing Manufacturer And Supplier

We are wholesale webbing manufacturer and supplier for belt webbing tape. Our products include nylon webbing, cotton webbing, polypropylene webbing(pp webbing), polyester webbing, furniture webbing, and elastic webbing. Besides, we are also a manufacturer of custom made webbing straps.

Your One-Stop Webbing Manufacturer And Supplier

Why Choose Us to Be Your Webbing Supplier?

  • All kinds and all types of webbing tape are provided.
  • Custom made webbing straps are 100% accepted.
  • Competitive webbing price and stable Productivity.
  • Free warehouse service.
  • Order status updated anytime or timely.
  • Quality guaranty. We have our own lab for salt spray, wash fastness, strength test and etc.
  • Multi-delivery choice. Sea delivery, air delivery, courier delivery, and door-to-door service.

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    Your One-Stop Webbing  Supplier & Manufacturer

    As a webbing tape manufacturer, CJ Accesoory manufactures and supplies elastic webbing tape and non-elastic webbing. Webbing tape materials include nylon, cotton, polypropylene(PP), polyester

    CJ Accessory’s Webbing Products

    Webbing is a flat strip belt that is made of yarn. Made of different kinds of yarns and widths, webbing is widely used in various industrial sectors such as clothing, pet industry, shoe materials, luggage, industry, agriculture, military supplies, and transportation.

    1>  Elastic Webbing and Non-Elastic Webbing 

    Elastic webbing is a kind of stretchable, extensible webbing. Its elasticity comes from:
    First, the yarn itself is elastic, and the webbing is also elastic.
    The second is that the yarn itself is inelastic, adding a material similar to a rubber band to act as a warp, and the webbing will have elasticity.

    elastic webbing manufacturers

    Elastic Webbing 

    non-elastic webbing manufacturer

    Non-Elastic Webbing

    2>  Knitted Webbing And Woven Webbing

    Manufactured by different weave methods, CJ accessory’s webbing has 2 types of webbing — Knitted Webbing and Woven Webbing.

    Knitted Webbing: Knitted webbing refers to the webbing formed by using knitting needles to form loops of yarn, and then intertwine the loops into each other.


    Woven Webbing is a fabric made of two or more sets of mutually perpendicular yarns interwoven at a 90-degree angle for warp and weft.


    3> Webbing Materials

    CJ Accessory is webbing supplier of polyester webbing, nylon webbing, cotton webbing, polypropylene webbing ( PP webbing), polyester-mixed cotton webbing

    4> Webbing Application:

    1.Webbing in Outdoor
    This refers to some equipment that needs to be configured when participating in various adventure tourism and outdoor activities. In outdoor products, webbing is mainly used for mountaineering camping protective seat belts, mountaineering backpack belts, tents, personal protective equipment, etc.

    2. Webbing in the sports fitness industry
    In the sports and fitness industry, webbing is mainly used in sports bags, fitness equipment, children’s traction ropes, and other products.

    3. Webbing in the pet supplies industry
    In the pet supplies industry, webbing is mainly used for pet leashes, pet collars, pet harnesses, and other products.

    4. Webbing in the military-security industry
    In the military-security industry, webbing is mainly used in military and police fire protection, parachute seat belts, military backpacks, and other products.

    5. Webbing in the luggage industry
    In the luggage industry, webbing is mainly used for gift box hand belts, luggage, handbags, luggage belts, and other products.

    6. Webbing in the apparel industry
    In the apparel industry, webbing is mainly used in watch webbing, wrist straps, clothing decoration accessories, belts, and other products.

    CJ Accessory is a wholesale custom webbing manufacturer and supplier for nylon webbing, cotton webbing, polyester webbing, and PP webbing. Welcome to contact us now to calculate your webbing cost.

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