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We Manufacture Metal Zipper, Nylon Zipper, Plastic Zipper, Invisible Zipper

Custom Zipper Pulls, Color, Style Are Fully Supported

We Are Committed To Be Your Best Zipper Manufacturer.
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Your OEM Zipper Manufacturer

We are your OEM zipper manufacturer. You design the zipper, we manufacture the zipper. The custom zipper is 100% supported. Custom zipper pulls, style and etc. Let our engineers know your requirements, we will feedback with a solution.

Superior Quality

Our zipper meets your test requirements. Choose our zipper, quality is no longer a problem. We meet DIN, ASTM, AATCC, GB, ISO and etc. Successfully pass tests of salt spray, perspiration fastness, washing fastness, crocking fastness and etc.

Experienced Team

We have zipper manufacturing experience for approx. 10 years with advanced tech to guarantee the zipper quality. So you can be sure you’re working with the top zipper manufacturer.

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    Your One-Stop OEM Zipper Manufacturer

    Located in Jinjiang city of China, CJ Accessory is a China zipper manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler. Our zipper products include metal zipper, nylon zipper, plastic zipper, invisible zipper. With your design drawing or sample, we can manufacture your required custom zipper with custom zipper pull, slider, color and etc. Quality and Delivery Time Are Guaranteed.

    Plastic Zipper Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler

    Plastic Zipper

    Metal Zipper

    Nylon Zipper Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler

    Nylon Zipper

    Invisible Zipper Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler

    Invisible Zipper